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Mortgage Loans

It’s Easy To Buy A Home When You
Bank With Your Neighbors

Buying a new house is an exciting process, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Here at First United Bank, we believe that you should feel right at home while you buy your home. We’re partners after all, working together to create a home loan that fits both your lifestyle and your budget. Our team of experienced mortgage lenders will take care of the details so you can think big. Contact us for pre-approval today.

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Residential Mortgage Loans
Home Purchases
Home Refinancing
Home Equity Loans

Review Instructions For Completing The Loan Application


  1. After reviewing the instructions, open the appropriate application form(s):
  2. Complete the form by clicking into each field and filling in the required information. Then, print out the completed application. You can also print out a blank application and complete it manually.
  3. Sign the completed form.
  4. Drop off the signed form at your local First United Bank or mail it to:

    Melissa Moen
    First United Bank
    503 Briggs Ave. S.
    Park River, ND 58270

*This application is for home loans only and is not to be used to apply for personal loans.

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