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ID Theft

Zen ID TheftYou’ve Earned Your Good Name And Good Credit – Keep Them Safe With ID TheftSmart

Someone is victimized by identity theft every two seconds. That means that thirty people every minute are forced to start looking for answers, repairing their credit rating and restoring their good name. Peace of mind costs as little as $2 per month. That’s the price of ID TheftSmart from First United Bank, a program in which experts give you advice on avoiding identity theft and professional assistance with putting your identity back in order if it is ever compromised.

What Exactly Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a crime, and it occurs when someone steals your private identifying information such as a social security number, credit card number or debit card number. It can also occur when a thief somehow assumes your identity or even obtains credit in your name. Clues that you have become a victim of identity theft include failing to receive bills or other mail, receiving credit cards that you didn’t apply for, being denied credit for no apparent reason or even receiving calls or letters from debt collectors regarding items or services that you didn’t purchase.

How Does ID TheftSmart Work?IDTheftSmartLogo

Ten percent of victims spend 55 hours or more resolving their identity theft issues. With ID TheftSmart, our licensed investigators do the work for you, allowing you to go back to your normal life. They approach identity theft with a three-staged defense:

  • Protection – To help you prevent identity theft
  • Detection – To give you peace of mind and professional guidance if an event occurs
  • Restoration – To ensure that recovery is easier, faster and safer after an identity theft

ID Theft Enrollment Form

Protecting Your Personal Information Is Important

ID TheftSmart (Consultation/Restoration)
Consultation and guidance on the best ways to manage Personal Identifying Information (PII).
Safety guidelines for online communication.
Information regarding your rights under state and federal laws.
An action plan when information has been compromised.
Help interpreting and analyzing credit reports.
Fraud alert assistance / credit freeze consultation.
Identification of the nature and scope of the fraud.
Assistance in filing a police report.
Tri-merged credit report and full non-credit searches.
Representatives who work on your behalf until all identity theft issues have been resolved.
ID TheftSmart Plus (Credit Monitoring)
All of the services provided by the $2 option.
You will be notified when any of the following occur and include your name: a new account is opened, payment delinquencies, credit inquiries, changes in public records or changes of address.
The ability to identify inaccuracies in credit data being reported by creditors.
Early detection of potentially fraudulent activity.
Notifications and reporting conducted by TransUnion, a global leader in credit reporting and management.