• Four Things North Dakota Farmers Wouldn’t Trade For Anything
    Farmers in North Dakota are a special breed. Their occupation is one that requires them to work long hours and face unpredictable weather conditions (which lead to unpredictable business conditions). There are many trials and tribulations involved with growing crops on the northern prairie. Naturally, many of them would love the opportunity to swap a […]
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  • Four Frequently Asked Questions Only A Farmer Can Relate To
    The farther North Dakota farmers travel away from their home state, the more likely they are to have a conversation with someone who is curious about their job. A vacation, they soon learn, often comes with a host of questions. Here are a few of the most common ones. If you are a farmer, you’ll […]
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  • Farmers Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Spring In North Dakota
    Poets have long appreciated the four distinct seasons of the upper plains. Summers can be punishingly hot, followed by cool, serene autumns that lead into legendary winters that seem to stretch on forever. Spring does come eventually, though, and those poets have nothing on North Dakota farmers as they express their feelings for the state’s […]
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  • Four Reasons Farmers Think They Have The Best Job In The World
    There are a lot of unique jobs in the world, but none is quite like farming. Agriculture features a unique balance of the ancient (growing food) and the futuristic (using technology like GPS to make jobs more efficient). Here are four of the things that farmers tend to like the most about their jobs: Farmers […]
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  • Five Ways To Tell You Grew Up On A North Dakota Farm
    Farming is more than just an important occupation, it’s most definitely a way of life. That’s especially true if you were born a farm kid, and farm kids in North Dakota learn early that the Northern Prairie has its own set of rules. If you grew up here, then here are a few of the […]
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